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Resources to understand and act for wildlife

We freely share our resources about wildlife habitat. They are collaborative, downloadable and free. You can also leave us a message at the bottom of the articles!

Land development

Set up spaces adapted to the ecosystem on a plot. Avoid large earthworks that upset the entire ecosystem. Protect local species. More details here.

Insect shelters

How to accommodate insects. Natural shelters are preferable. We can however build some shelters if we cannot set up the natural shelters.

Bat nesting box

Welcome bats! Plan to build a bat house. Values ​​inspired by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes LPO association (French Bird Protection League).

Birdhouse (closed)

7 sizes to accommodate various species! Blueprint to build a semi-open birdhouse. For tit birds, tree sparrow, pied flycatcher, common redstart...

Birdhouse (Semi-open)

2 sizes to accommodate various species! Blueprint to build a semi-open birdhouse. For black redstart, european robin, white wagtail, common kestrel...

Hedgehog shelter

Help a hedgehog find a home. Hedges and natural shelters are preferable. You can also build a hedgehog shelter if you can’t set up a natural shelter.

Identify a species

How to identify a species to know it better, or even protect it? To learn more about biodiversity is already to understand it better. Find more here.

DIY tips

Handyman tips for building habitats and nesting boxes (birds, bats...). What equipment is recommended, how to use this equipment? More details here!

Installation tips

Advice on the installation of habitats (birds, bats...). The heights according to the species, locations, orientation, tree protection, slope...

Maintenance tips

Nesting boxes and habitats may need to be cleaned or maintained so that they can be occupied by other animals afterward. When to do it and how?

Feeding tips

How to feed wildlife? Should local species be fed? Should we give them something to drink? What species to feed? Under what conditions and when?

Go further

Local associations that will allow you to get involved, learn to identify animal species and protect them nearby, thus preserving biodiversity.

Ecological house

Humans are demanding animals. Its habitat reaches a certain degree of sophistication. How to reduce its environmental impact?

Depollution of a site

It is sometimes necessary to clean up a place in order to make it habitable or practicable for living beings in their greatest biodiversity.

Non translated articles

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Français : Le vivant

Le vivant. Comment est-il apparu ? Comment a-t-il évolué et s’est-il diversifié ? Que sait-on à ce propos ? Une présentation sur les principes généraux.